Found: Religious Advice

bomMy town has a Little Free Library, and I try to drop books off there at least once a month. I occasionally glance through the library to see if there are any new goodies. For example, my most recent perusal revealed some romance books, a few dictionaries, some Dean Koontz novels, a couple old Westerns, and a copy of The Book of Mormon with a note penned onto the inside of the front cover. I’m not religious, so I definitely appreciate that whoever wrote this note took to penning it in a book rather than knocking at my door!


The note reads:

Blessings to you
Dear Ones who choose to “read with the wonder and faith of a child ❤
Pray to your Father in Heaven who waits for you to ask if these things are true. If you ask with a sincere heart, having faith in Christ, and real intent… He will warm your heart and bring peace and happiness through the power of the Holy Ghost.
Through this process, you will know the truth of all things.


Found: Sad Recommendation

While on vacation in Branson, MO this year, I found a cute little bookstore called Calvin’s Used Books. It was a little messy, a little cramped, and a lot of fun. I found quite a few goodies, including a beautifully well put together Bruce Lee biography (with tons of exclusive and gorgeous photos–the owner commented, “Well that didn’t last long here!”) and Honolulu, about a young Korean girl named Regret who escapes to Hawai’i.

The third book I added to my collection was Don DeLillo’s Libra. I’ve yet to read the novel, but I’ve read a few of DeLillo’s other works. They intrigued (or confused) me enough to purchase Libra. (See White Noise–an excellent commentary on ad pollution.)

Inside Libra, More

Found: Religious Advert

photo 1 (1)I actually have no idea what book I found this in. I got the book in my sophomore year in college. So that means in 2012 I found an advert for a 2004 Christian something or other that was to meet at a flagpole.

This image reads,



photo 2 (1)



This side says,

See You at the Pole
Wednesday, September 15, 2004

your school. your flagpole. you.




“Who may ascend the hill of the Lord?
Who may stand in his holy place?
He who has clean hands
and a pure heart. . .”
Psalm 24:3-4

I think it’s pretty amusing that I found a religious advert considering I’m not remotely religious. I’m not too surprised that I found it at Wartburg, however, as it is ELCA affiliated. Another interesting find!


Unfortunately, due to my finals homework load (Two comparison papers, one 12-source annotated bibliography with 3-5 pages of intro/conclusion, and an anthropology test), I don’t have time to finish my latest review for a post this week. So, in lieu of that, I took a minute to think about the various bookmarks I use in books.

WurdWurm BookmarkSometimes, I just grab whatever is closest–a pay stub, a sheet of notes from class, my work schedule, a grocery store receipt–basically anything that is flat and won’t bleed ink onto the pages. The reason I do this is because over the years, I’ve been a master of losing “real” bookmarks. Either I leave them in books or they just mysteriously disappear.

However, I do have one favorite bookmark that I take care to never lose. I actually bought a t-shirt with a similar design, and the bookmark came with it for free. Favorite shirt, favorite bookmark. Ignore the terrible quality of the picture–I only have a camera on my smartphone, and the cover got scratched up, so the only way I can take pictures is by using the “selfie” feature (ugh).

I was also curious, am I the only one that does that? Do you have a favorite bookmark? Do you dog-ear pages? Do you use random things to keep your place?

Oh, I also started doing something a while back that I intend to add to someday. I like to catalogue what random things I find in books, and I hope that one day after I’m gone, someone will find this in whatever book I left it in.

Found: ICBC Business Card

I found this Iowa Comic Book Club business card on January 27th. This is what actually sparked my interest in doing this little project again, along with having a camera (via my new iPhone) to take pictures with. My favorite feature of the card is the clever slogan, “WE ALL HAVE ISSUES!”

I happened upon it in the University of Northern Iowa library after I perused their graphic novel selection and picked V for Vendetta to read next. As I was glancing through the novel, I found the business card used as a bookmark on page 70. I ended up keeping it and using it as a bookmark while reading Barefoot Gen by Keiji Nakazawa, which I finished a while back.

Found: Book Sale Bookmark

I found this bookmark from a book that a friend gave me. I actually don’t recall if they placed it in the book, or if it was already there (I believe they got the book from a garage sale or something similar). It’s an advertisement for a Planned Parenthood of the Heartland Book sale that took place almost a year ago on the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

The book that my friend gave me is Smoke and Mirrors, which is a collection of “short fictions and illusions” by Neil Gaiman. I intend to read the book at some point, because I’ve had pretty good experiences with his works in the past. The bookmark was just sitting in between the cover and first page.

Smoke and Mirrors

A new year, a new type of post

I’ve always wanted to document the interesting things I find in books that I’ve either borrowed from a library or bought from a garage sale or something of that ilk. So now, especially since I’ve been reading, and therefore posting, less, I will be adding this feature to my blog. It’s also a bit to celebrate getting my first smartphone, which I received for free for switching to Verizon.