Birthday book goodies

On my birthday, OF COURSE I’m going to go book shopping. After I tried a chai tea latte with a shot of espresso (a wondrous creation), I bought two books at Barnes and Noble.

The first is Disclaimer by Renée Wright. I heard about it a while ago, and its secrets and protagonist, a documentary filmmaker, sounded interesting. The second is Clade by James Bradley. I heard about this book from Amy Brady’s article over at SyFy Wire about climate fiction books. That’s definitely a subgenre I want to read more of. BandN books

Along with Barnes and Noble, I stopped at Half Price Books, because one can never have enough books (I say that as I have to start stacking books in front of other books on multiple bookshelves). The top three books here are ones that I’ve been meaning to read for a while. I’ve heard Justin Cronin’s The Passage is a great horror novel, Erin Morgensern’s The Night Circus is an enchanting novel, and Karen Russell’s Swamplandia! is a fun novel. I got these books for $2 each which is a crazy good deal!

The bottom four novels are ones that I’ve already read and *loved* but that I did not yet own. Brent Weeks is becoming one of my favorite authors, and I’ve been wanting to reread the Night Angel trilogy (especially since he said that he’s returning to write more books in that universe once The Burning White is published), so I picked up that whole series. I also bought The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Pie Society, which I read a while back when my grandma lent it to me. It’s a beautiful fiction written as a series of letters by members of a book club on Guernsey after WWII. I’m definitely excited to give all these books a reread.


Book Buying

Recently, I went to the Goodwill in Cedar Falls and had a shopping spree… in the book section. I was just glancing through titles when I came upon the third book in the Wheel of Time series (Robert Jordan) in a hardback. I was excited, but a little sad that they didn’t have the second book, as I already purchased the first from amazon. To my delight… I found the second, fourth, and fifth in paperback. Not far from there, I found a few others in the series as well! After I finish the few books I have going right now — Clash of Kings, The Once and Future King, A Raisin in the Sun, Meditations (Aurelius) — I plan to start reading the Wheel of Time series. I’ve only heard good things, and due to the new book is coming out soon, I have a few friends (and see other blogs) doing read-throughs or rereads of the series that I plan to join.

Along with the many Wheel of Time books I bought, I also bought a couple Dean Koontz books (The House of Thunder, Tick Tock), Michael Crichton books (Congo and Jurassic Park — I have Lost World, but not Jurassic Park?! No more!)  The Inferno, which I have read parts of but never in its entirety, and a couple books for my three-year-old niece (a Clifford book, a good beginner Star Wars book and The Last Airbender: Aang’s Destiny, again, a beginner book).

While looking through the books, I had a thought… It’s sad to see so many books being let go to a Goodwill, where they aren’t loved anymore. BUT then I think about how I got 14 books for under $4, and then I don’t feel so bad. Do you get books at stores like Goodwill? I also enjoy looking through garage sale books, though most of them in my town are religious books, and I really don’t care to read those.

One of my favorite things about buying books secondhand are the things people leave in the books as bookmarks or what have you. In one book, there was a little laminated card about a religious golf club thing called Ascend which was interesting; in one book, there was a graduation party invitation; who knows what else I will find when I read through the Wheel of Time books I bought!

I hear it’s a new year…

I don’t make new year’s resolutions, because I know I will falter and I don’t want to feel bad about not caring about some lame thing I was supposed to work on. I DO however make a new list of the books I’ve recently bought and try my best to read a few of them before I buy even more.

Here are some of the things you can expect in the following months:

There are many more books I hope to get to, and of course, there are so many video games I got for myself and my brother for Christmas that I will be spending time on as well. If you are into that sort of thing… I got Left 4 Dead, Enchanted Arms, Dead Rising, and The Darkness. I got him Army of Two (we played 40th Day first…), a Splinter Cell game, and Prince of Persia. He also lent me Wolverine: Origins…. which I’ve already beat, Lost Odyssey, which I’m 11 hours into, and Assassin’s Creed which I plan to start soonish.

It’s going to be a busy year, and I hope I have plenty of time to read some good books.

Book Shopping

Although I love shopping at Barnes and Noble and I can’t recall the last time I left without at least one or two new books, I also love buying used books. Waverly, IA has some great little stores if you want to pick up a bunch of books for a really low price. I just went to Trinkets and Togs and Half Off Stuff with my friend and perused the books for a nice long while. I walked away with over 20 books for under $6.

Some of the titles (for myself) include: The Brothers Karamazov (Dostoyevsky), Shinju (Rowland), The Silmarillion (Tolkien), Shan (Lustbader) — this is actually a sequel, so I’ll have to find the first book, and a cute book titled, Dog (Pennac). When books are so cheap, I can’t help myself.

Shinju (Sano Ichiro, #1)The Silmarillion: The Epic History of the Elves in The Lord of the RingsShan (China Maroc, #2)Dog (Works in Translation)

Wish Christmas right around the corner, I just couldn’t resist buying my 2.5-year-old niece even more books than I bought myself. This includes 3 Clifford the Big Red Dog books, a book about the possible existence of alien life, a book about the changing seasons, four little golden books (originals! None of those flimsy new ones), a book of words, and a pop-up of the classic Three Little Pigs story.

I love buying ridiculous amounts of books for ridiculously low prices. Garage sales with books are like heaven for me. I also plan to look into the Goodwill in town after the holiday break from school.

My only question is, why do people get rid of books?! Even if I have a book I don’t particularly like, I will either keep it anyway or give it to someone I think might enjoy it. Is it just me that thinks it is strange to give away books? I suppose you can look at it as a smart donation. What do you think?