Found: Sad Recommendation

While on vacation in Branson, MO this year, I found a cute little bookstore called Calvin’s Used Books. It was a little messy, a little cramped, and a lot of fun. I found quite a few goodies, including a beautifully well put together Bruce Lee biography (with tons of exclusive and gorgeous photos–the owner commented, “Well that didn’t last long here!”) and Honolulu, about a young Korean girl named Regret who escapes to Hawai’i.

The third book I added to my collection was Don DeLillo’s Libra. I’ve yet to read the novel, but I’ve read a few of DeLillo’s other works. They intrigued (or confused) me enough to purchase Libra. (See White Noise–an excellent commentary on ad pollution.)

Inside Libra, I found a recommendation. While I think it’s lovely to recommend books to your friends, it might not be the best idea to write inside the cover. You know, in case that person doesn’t like the book and ends up selling it! Or, since I found this particular note so amusing, maybe it IS a good idea. Keep up the sad, but cute recommendations, folks!

Displaying IMG_1331.JPG

For reference, the note reads,

“Dear Mike –
This is one of my
favorites. Hope you
like it too. Take care
and Merry Christmas
I actually cannot decipher the name. Any suggestions? I’m thinking Latnil, Catrie, Latwil… Yeah, I’ve never been good at deciphering cursive. Help appreciated.

UPDATE: Cathie has been suggested and I think that’s a fantastic guess. Some people are much better than me at this cursive business.


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