Getting Ready for NerdCon

In October, I’ll be attending NerdCon: Stories. Their aim is to celebrate all things nerdy, which I’m always up for. On the agenda is a host of fun story-telling-themed panels and events. While they’re still setting up the actual schedule, the one thing that’s caught my eye so far is “Life Online: From Meme to Memoir.”

In addition to exciting panels, NerdCon is playing host to a huge number of podcastors, novelists, cartoonists, musicians, poets, etc. Some people I’m excited for:

Patrick Rothfuss

John Scalzi

Lev Grossman

Holly Black

Rainbow Rowell

John Green


To get ready for this event, I’ve been devouring books by them and some books by the other attending authors who I am less than familiar with. I also started listening to Welcome to Nightvale, because the entire cast will be there and is hosting at least one panel about the excellent podcast.

Currently reading Old Man’s War by John ScalziThe Tiger’s Wife by Téa ObrehtThe Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi, and The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black.


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