Unfortunately, due to my finals homework load (Two comparison papers, one 12-source annotated bibliography with 3-5 pages of intro/conclusion, and an anthropology test), I don’t have time to finish my latest review for a post this week. So, in lieu of that, I took a minute to think about the various bookmarks I use in books.

WurdWurm BookmarkSometimes, I just grab whatever is closest–a pay stub, a sheet of notes from class, my work schedule, a grocery store receipt–basically anything that is flat and won’t bleed ink onto the pages. The reason I do this is because over the years, I’ve been a master of losing “real” bookmarks. Either I leave them in books or they just mysteriously disappear.

However, I do have one favorite bookmark that I take care to never lose. I actually bought a t-shirt with a similar design, and the bookmark came with it for free. Favorite shirt, favorite bookmark. Ignore the terrible quality of the picture–I only have a camera on my smartphone, and the cover got scratched up, so the only way I can take pictures is by using the “selfie” feature (ugh).

I was also curious, am I the only one that does that? Do you have a favorite bookmark? Do you dog-ear pages? Do you use random things to keep your place?

Oh, I also started doing something a while back that I intend to add to someday. I like to catalogue what random things I find in books, and I hope that one day after I’m gone, someone will find this in whatever book I left it in.


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  1. Justina Wuebker
    Dec 19, 2013 @ 18:42:13

    I tend to grab whatever is around me as well. I know that I have a huge pile of bookmarks, even ones signed by the authors of the books they advertise, but instead I grab whatever is near. Typically this tends to be pay stubs and grocery lists.


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