31 Day Book List: Week 1

I am participating in a (they call it 30) 31 day book list with some blogging friends, and decided to do it by week rather than day. I don’t really want to clog up by posting a snippet once a day, so I figured each Friday I could round up the week by posting seven days at a time. The links are either my review of the book if I have reviewed it on here, or the goodreads description if I have not.

Day 1 – The best book you read this year: The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. This book has everything: magic, love (even if unrequited), friendship, fighting, and travel across extremely interesting lands.

Day 2 – A book that you’ve read more than three times: Every book in both the series below. Also, for variation from the next two questions, I suppose I could also add Sphere by Michael Crichton. This was one of my first sci-fi books that I could not put down; I don’t want to guess how many times I’ve read it.

Day 3 – Your favorite series: It’s a tie between Harry Potter by JK Rowling (simply because I am obsessed) and the Abhorsen trilogy by Garth Nix. That was my favorite middle school trilogy, and I read it every summer along with Harry Potter.

Day 4 – Favorite book of your favorite series: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Lirael. Lirael is about a girl who feels completely out of place in her home — she is a girl without the Sight (visions of the future) in a culture where every other girl has it. She works in a library and explores with her talking pet dog. I just love everything about this book; I really connected with Lirael when I was younger.

Day 5 – A book that makes you happy: Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky (a great book can make you happy AND sad).

Day 6 – A book that makes you sad: Black Hole by Charles Burns. The feeling of alienation in this book… is disturbingly sad.

Day 7 – Most underrated book: Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver. I read this one for a freshman class at Wartburg and I think most people disliked it. I loved it, so I guess that means I think it’s underrated.


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