Four to Score, High Five by Janet Evanovich

I have decided to combine the rest of the Stephanie Plum reviews into two books per review, due to the fact that the characters generally stay the same and only the crime/FTAs change.

Four to Score (Stephanie Plum, #4)

In this adventure, a waitress, Maxine, desires revenge against her no-good ex-boyfriend. She steals his car, he calls it in, and Vinnie posts for bail. When she skips her trial date and no one knows where she is, Stephanie has to talk to her creep of an ex-boyfriend and her coworkers. Unfortunately, people who know things about Maxine are ending up with missing fingers and other injuries. There seems to be a conspiracy going on, and it’s up to Stephanie to unravel it.

When they finally dig up a clue, it really is that… a clue. Maxine is leaving clues for her ex and Stephanie has to figure them out. Fortunately, she’s got Sally Sweet, a cross-dressing puzzle-master to help her out. In the beginning of this book, Stephanie is mad at Morelli because he skipped town for a few months and didn’t bother to call. However, being the hunk he is, she forgives him pretty easily.

I enjoyed Four to Score a lot more than Three to Get Deadly, so if you skipped that one… feel free to jump back in on this one. The romance is actually existent and therefore better than the last three books.

High Five (Stephanie Plum, #5)

In this adventure, along with a bringing in FTAs, Stephanie is charged by her family to find her Uncle Fred. He disappeared during his daily errands, leaving his car intact with dry cleaning in the back. No one has seen him since the day he disappeared, and Stephanie has a hard time knowing where to start.

If Four to Score has you doubting, this one definitely brings it back up. After One for the Money, High Five comes in as close second to my favorite in the series. There’s just something about the supporting characters that really works for me. I loved Randy, who ends up camping out in Stephanie’s house for a while, and the RGC (trash company) mystery. And of course there is hunky Joe Morelli who makes Stephanie go crazy.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Adam
    Jan 07, 2012 @ 10:14:43

    Flying through these books much? I don’t think I’ve gone through a series this quickly since I was reading the Xanth books years ago (I went through about 15 books in the series over a couple weeks one summer). My mom mentioned these books a while back, maybe I’ll check them out eventually.


    • hannahrose42
      Jan 07, 2012 @ 10:49:21

      Yes, I didn’t think I would like them this much. I read 6 in three days… I don’t think I could read fantasy this quickly, but the story just flies. I would highly recommend at least reading One for the Money. The movie adaptation of the same name is coming out this month, which is actually why I decided to try out the series.


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