One for the Money by Janet Evanovich

This series is about Stephanie Plum. After losing her job as a lingerie buyer for E. E. Martin, which by no means was her fault, she decides to go to her cousin Vinnie’s bond company and try to make some quick cash catching fugitives, or FTAs (Failed to Appear). She gets her FTAs from Connie, the office manager for Vinnie, who has big hair, big boobs, and a big, Italian mouth.

One for the Money (Stephanie Plum, #1)

This book is about Stephanie’s first FTA, Joe Morelli, a cop who has been accused of murder. His bond was out for $100,000, which puts Stephanie at a cool $10,000 if she can bring him into the police station. Joe Morelli does not have a great reputation when it comes to women, which Stephanie knows firsthand, having lost her virginity to him when she was 16. They have an interesting past, and it keeps being brought out on their occasional meetings. These meetings are pretty funny, because Stephanie is new to this whole bounty hunter thing, and she does not have the best luck capturing Morelli. Luckily, her mentor in bounty hunting, Ranger, is there to help her along the way.

 I got the recommendation to read this book from my mom, and pretty much all the other women in my extended family. Since we don’t generally see eye-to-eye on reading material, I was weary before starting. I was pleasantly surprised at how well written it turned out to be. Although it gets my mom to laugh out loud on many occasions, I was still surprised that I found myself chuckling now and then, usually when Stephanie is at home, conversing with her hamster, Rex.

I really enjoyed this book. Evanovich has a way with phrasing, and I found myself mentally making notes of phrases that I really enjoyed — I physically wrote down some from the later books that I may share. Also, Stephanie Plum is a pretty strong female character who is fun to read about. Perhaps this just came at the perfect time in my life, or perhaps it really is as good as it’s cut out to be. Either way, One for the Money is a quick read and is definitely worth your time.

Also, every book in the rest of this series kind of spoils the ending of this one, so if you care to find out on your own what happens, read this one before you read the rest of my reviews. If you don’t mind spoiling a little bit of the fun, you can still get enjoyment out of this book knowing what happens in the end. I did, anyway. After reading a few of the other books in the series, this is still easily my favorite.


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  1. mylivereads
    Jan 04, 2012 @ 17:52:55

    I’ve wanted to read this for a while – good to know it’s worthwhile!


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