Versatile Blogger Award

Seeing as I did not know this award existed, I am surprised and pleased to have been nominated.

To be honest, I wasn’t going to post about this, but the desire to name random facts about myself won over my desire to not promote my own blog for an award. I hope you all have enjoyed the couple months I have been working on this book blog. I know I have! I also wanted to thank “Day I Started Reading” (I will admit, I cannot find her name anywhere!) for nominating me.

There are three simple rules to the Versatile Blogger Award. They are as follows:
1. Thank the person(s) who shared the award with you by linking back to them in your post.
2. Pass this award to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know that you included them in your blog post.
3. List 7 things about yourself.

So here we go…

I will pass this award on to the following blogs:

7 things about myself:
  1. I love anime. I only started getting into it last year, but I have grown to love everything about it. It brings out what I love from books — the fantasy element — and brings it to life in a way that is fun and quirky.
  2. I started off as a political science and English double major, hoping to go to law school. One day I realized how hard I was working to keep up on politics, and how little I cared for them. I then decided to move onto English education (second choice: music education), which didn’t turn out to be my cup of tea either. I finally landed on English and writing and I hope to turn that into a career of editing or publishing.
  3. When it comes to food, I am completely sheltered. I grew up in a family where it was totally acceptable to not eat your greens, probably because my mom wasn’t their biggest fan either. Although it was great as a kid, I’ve always wished I was more open to different kinds of foods. Perhaps this stems from my strange obsession with the Food Network, even though I would never have the gumption to cook and eat the food they do.
  4. I have always had the desire to pause life. I think this comes from the first computer game I really got into, Total Annihilation: Kingdoms. If I could stop a game to leave and do something else, why can’t I stop a conversation? A class? A night, so I can be up for hours and yet time would not pass? It still feels strange to me that I do not have this power. I feel entitled to it.
  5. There is no straight answer I can give when asked, “What is your favorite…” of almost anything. What is my favorite movie? Weird ones. If you think it’s weird, I’ll probably love it. What is my favorite book? I like series, not single books — I need to get to know the characters before I can learn to love them, and I have so many series I’ve enjoyed, I can’t pick a favorite. What’s my favorite band? It truly depends on my mood. Wistful or nostalgic: Coheed and Cambria. That feeling when you have a hole in your heart: Blue October. When you want to dance around in your underwear: Panic! at the Disco. I would enjoy their music at any time, but when I’m feeling a certain mood, I have certain music I like to hear.
  6. I do not wish to live my life out in the U.S. However, I realize the improbability of moving to a place where my life would be better and I would fit in more than I do here. If I did ever get the chance to leave, my  top three choices of where to move would be Germany, England, and Norway.
  7. The only sport I have ever participated in (in a league) is bowling. I was on a league for 13 years, and went to state bowling every year I was able to. Although it destroyed my shoulder, I would not swap bowling with any other sport. It is highly regarded in my family and we all have a blast, even when we do poorly (which, of course, we never do).

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rae
    Nov 29, 2011 @ 12:40:29

    Thanks for the nomination!

    I’m the same way as you, I can never name my favorite anything. Whenever someone asks, my memory freezes up and I can’t even think of anything I like.


  2. Emma Newman
    Nov 29, 2011 @ 14:15:35

    I’m another brain freezer on the favourite thing 🙂 Thanks for the award, much appreciated x


  3. Adam
    Nov 29, 2011 @ 21:39:34

    A couple of things, Coheed and Cambria are awesome, so is Blue October.

    Some anime you need to check out if you haven’t already: Basilisk is probably my favorite series for anime, for movies, Howl’s Moving Castle and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind are two of my favorite movies. Grave of the Fireflies is probably the single saddest movie ever made regardless of genre or style, it’s absolutely brilliant.

    I’m also an avid bowler, I even work at a bowling alley at the moment. What was your average?

    Thank you for choosing to throw the award back at me as well, it’s greatly appreciated to know that awesome people like yourself also like the stuff I throw out there on my blog.


    • hannahrose42
      Nov 29, 2011 @ 23:37:23

      Have you ever read any of Claudio’s stuff? I have his novel and have read some of his graphic novels, and they are excellent.

      I love Studio Ghibli, I have seen almost everything they have done. Have you seen Porco Rosso? That one really stood out for me, as well as Nausicaa and Spirited Away. Grave of the Fireflies IS the saddest movie ever. It is what I think of when I think sad movies. I have never seen Basilisk, but I will look into it.

      I used to work at a bowling alley… and I think my average was in the 170s last I knew. I haven’t bowled lately due to my fingers not fitting into my ball anymore.


      • Adam
        Nov 29, 2011 @ 23:48:52

        Porco Rosso is one of the Studio Ghibli movies that I haven’t seen yet. I’ve heard that it’s very good and I’ll check it out eventually (My Neighbor Totoro is another one that is often suggested that I haven’t seen yet).

        My brother had a couple of Claudio’s graphic novels, I’ll have to look into those as well.


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