20 Years Later — Emma Newman

Tomorrow I will be hosting a short story by a fantastic author, Emma Newman. I recently read her first full length novel, 20 Years Later, which is a wonderfully detailed post-apocalyptic story set in London, year 2032.


This book started off a little slow — but I could tell it was to create the detailed setting that was so important to the plot. I really enjoyed the world Emma Newman created, and each of the gangs (there are three: The Bloomsbury Boys, the Gardners, the Red Lady’s Gang) were incredibly unique and fun to read about. The main three we hear about in this novel (of “The Four”), Zane, Titus, and Erin were easily identified with. Zane seemed a bit naive for his age, although I couldn’t tell you how experienced someone growing up in a post-apocalyptic world would be, but Titus and Erin felt much more realistic.

20 Years Later

The story is centered around Zane and his mother, Miri, which are in a neutral zone between the gangs. Miri is what you might call a healer, even though she is deathly afraid of hospitals, and doesn’t allow her son to enter them. Zane has never been recruited by a gang so they are all welcome. Things change drastically when the Red Lady’s Gang takes an interest in Zane.

Although some of the writing wasn’t what I hoped for, the plot kept me interested throughout. It was pretty quick-paced, so it was nice to sit down and read for a good long while. I loved the ending, and I hope I correctly picked up a hint about a sequel. I really want to read more about these compelling characters. Although the plot was fantastic, it felt like this was a setup novel to something even more amazing as the fourth main character, Eve, was only introduced in the end of the story.

NOTE: I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.


If you want to learn more about Emma Newman, visit her blog: http://www.enewman.co.uk/

There isn’t a need to get a lot of background info on the Split Worlds, as there are many short stories concerning different characters. If you are interested in reading the other stories you can read them on, and sign up for more stories at, the Split Worlds blog: http://www.splitworlds.com/


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  1. Emma Newman
    Nov 15, 2011 @ 05:13:37

    Thanks for the review! You are right, 20 Years Later is the first in a trilogy…


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