The Scarlet Letter

It has been years (only about two, now that I think of it) since I read The Scarlet Letter. I remember not particularly wanting to spend time reading it, but in the end it was pretty enjoyable. The only memorable thing (besides a vague summary) that I recall is the beautifully sad babbling brook. It came up more than once and it was such a richly described part in the forest that I never forgot it.

The Scarlet Letter

Even the cover is daunting.

The teacher I am cooperating with for my field experience at Waterloo West led a lesson about The Scarlet Letter and the idea of our own personal ‘sins’ or what I like to call real character flaws. Each student listed five of them and picked the one they thought most applied to themselves. Then, they drew the letter that that word started with and were instructed to wear them around school (on a day in the near future). I decided to draw my own letter based on my biggest flaw: being judgmental.

It looked much better on paper, trust me.

I really enjoyed this lesson, and I’m glad I was there to experience not only watching students think about themselves and how Hester Prynne was shunned for sinning, but also how she decorated her sin and wore it in clear view.


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